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Name: Jacqueline Rammer (jrammer [at]

Position: Director

What do you do at the library?

I’m the library director, which means I supervise the wonderful staff and work hard to ensure that the library is running smoothly.

Tell us something unique or interesting about you!

I’ve wanted to be a librarian since I was four years old!

What was your favorite book as a child?

Mandy, by Julie Andrews Edwards. As in, The Sound of Music Julie Andrews.

How about as a teenager?

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot and anything by Sarah Dessen. She writes books about teenage girls going through all sorts of trials and tribulations. And there’s always a romantic love twist to it.

And what kinds of books are your favorites today?

I mostly read romance and books about feminism!

Do you have a favorite movie?

My favorite movie is An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.

What’s something you wish more people knew about the library?

Everything is free! And any fines go toward a good use. So if something’s overdue and you have a late fee, that ten cents goes back into the library. And we are welcoming of everyone, regardless of past fines.

Lakeview Community Library is my favorite library in the whole world – it’s even better than the Library of Congress!

Name: Beth

Position: Library Clerk/Administrative Assistant

What do you do at the library?

A little bit of everything! Check books in, check them out, clean up stuff, help people find things, organize books. What I like most is processing books, actually. That means taking new books and labeling them and covering them.

What was your favorite book as a kid?

Alice in Wonderland.


I don’t know… magic, I guess. It’s such a crazy book! My senior project in college was actually on Alice in Wonderland.

How about as a teenager – what sorts of books did you read?

Mostly fantasy and a lot of classics. I still loved Alice in Wonderland – it was still probably my favorite. Also The Lord of the RingsHarry Potter. The Redwall series is one a lot of people forget about. I’m going to reread them this winter! They actually made an animated series – that was on when I was quite young, actually. My dad would have to record it for us because it was on too late on Saturdays or while we were at church on Sundays!

What sorts of books do you enjoy today?

Mostly the same, although I’ve started reading more contemporary fiction and non-fiction. I really like anything about food – I read cookbooks for fun! Recently, I really enjoyed a book about Shostakovich… Symphony for the City of the Dead.

Do you have a favorite movie?

Princess Bride. It’s hilarious… and it’s medieval, and also magical. It hits all of my criteria!

And what kind of music do you listen to?

Mostly classical, actually. Bach is my favorite composer.

It seems like not too many people listen to classical music these days – so what are they missing out on? Why do you like it?

Well, you don’t have to be trying to figure out what the lyrics are! It’s really good study music. And it’s really good if I’m reading – I like to read and listen to music, so therefore I’m not getting distracted by singing. And also, it’s just nostalgic… because that’s what my dad listens to all the time. That’s what’s always on in his car. So it’s just one of those things that connects you.

What’s something you wish more people knew about the library?

I think it’s that we who work here have knowledge of the books to share – that we can recommend things if you tell us “here’s what I like” or “I want to try something new.”

Name: Luana

Position: Library Clerk

What do you do at the library? I perform a multitude of tasks which help facilitate the day to day operations of the library. My most important function, in my opinion, is having the opportunity to offer customer service to the patrons of our community and to facilitate their every need.

What is something unique or interesting about yourself? I have had a life-long passion and enjoyment of flowers and all the elements of landscape design that go hand in hand. I have helped various friends and neighbors with their own garden dreams and aspirations and take great joy in the creativity and results of it all!

What was your favorite book as a child?: Unfortunately, reading was not in the forefront of my childhood years, as I recall, and did not develop a passion for reading until I entered high school and adulthood. In retrospect, a special enjoyment for me working here at Lakeview is to witness all the excitement the small children have for reading and learning and I am appreciative of all of the resources being offered here at the library that encourages reading in the younger population. Reading is so vital to these young minds.

What are your favorite books? I mostly enjoy fiction but am more partial to romance novels these days. Favorite authors in those areas are Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, and Nicholas Sparks. On the more serious side of fiction, I also enjoy medical related subject authors like Robin Cook and still more serious action authors like Dean Koontz and James Patterson. All of these authors have provided me with years of good reading.

Non-Fiction Enjoyment I also enjoy biographies and enjoy learning about the lives of the wives of former presidents and their White House experiences. A very profound and inspiring biography that touched my soul is called In an Instant by Lee and Bob Woodruff. Bob was formerly the co-anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight–the News Correspondent who was covering news in Iraq when his tank was hit by an improvised explosive device. The book details his experience and the aftermath of this catastrophic event. The beautiful memoir details how Bob and Lee persevered through this ordeal with love and courage and how he survived to tell this amazing story.

Favorite Movie? I have enjoyed many fine movies over the years, but some of my favorites have been: Rain Man, Forrest Gump, Driving Miss Daisy, and Steel Magnolias. I also enjoy going to the theatre and have seen some outstanding plays. Included in this list are:

  • Andrew Lloyd Weber’s most well-known tragic yet hopeful love story–Phantom of the Opera. We saw its original debut when it played in Toronto so it only added to the magnificence of the experience!
  • Les Miserables
  • A Christmas Carol–a timeless presentation that I could see over and over each and every year!

What kind of music do you listen to? I enjoy both country music and 60-70 and 80s soft rock. Music off the beaten path…I enjoy classical music and experiencing the sound of a live symphony. Both genres provide a total experience of peaceful relaxation.

What is something you wish more people knew about the library? An awareness of all the magnificent resources available to all patrons who live within our community! Multiple free resources are available at your fingertips just by visiting the library. Hope to see you soon!

Name: Liz

Position: Clerk

What was your favorite book as a child?

I have many favorite books! Every book I meet is my favorite book! To narrow it down… Heidi would be one of my most favorite ones. A very close second… The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew.

Why did you like Heidi?

I liked Heidi first of all because it was the first book I bought my own self! But the reason why I loved Heidi was because it was about a young girl who gets thrust out into the world to make her own way and to meet new people and learn to love them.

And she got to eat toasted cheese that was toasted over an open fire! And meet Peter the Goatherd! And… it just seemed like such an awesome, awesome life to live in the mountains. And she lived in the mountains, like I did! So I really identified with her.

What was your favorite book as a teenager?

As a teenager… that’s rough to think about. I was very heavily into romance… a middle-aged teenager! One of them was Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen Woodiwiss. It’s about the Civil War and a young girl, again, who’s thrust into difficult circumstances.

And she changes her appearance and cuts her hair and becomes – not a soldier, but becomes a janitor in a hospital and hides from the Yankee soldiers. I was probably a little too young to read it when I read it! But it was a very exciting book, and I loved it very much.

What sorts of books do you enjoy today?

I love every book that I meet, really and truly. It depends on what mood I’m in. Right now, I’ve been reading a lot of science fiction, but I just got finished with reading a lot of non-fiction.

What’s a good science fiction book that you’ve read recently?

Recently? Flashforward. It was on television… that’s how I found out about it. And one of my most favorite fantasy-fiction people is Patrick Rothfuss. He lives here in Wisconsin, so it’s really great to support a Wisconsin author.

What about non-fiction?

A memoir I just read that I really liked was Hillbilly Elegy. It really talked about how your family and where you’re from affects who you are as you’re growing up and what type of adult that you become.

How about a favorite movie?

Favorite movie… it’s going to be Blues Brothers! It’s one of my favorite, favorite movies! It’s funny. It has really great music, and it has awesome humor. But if we’re talking about a movie that’s from a book, it would be The NeverEnding Story. The idea of a never-ending story… that would be the greatest thing on this earth, to have a never-ending story that just kept on, no matter how much you read it, kept on going.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Bluegrass is what I listen to, mostly. But I love all kinds of music. I’m open to listening to anything new.

If someone wanted to get into bluegrass, who should they listen to?

If you want popular bluegrass people, listen to the soundtrack from O Brother, Where Art Thou? It’s also a very great movie. The Clinch Mountain Boys… Ricky Skaggs is awesome… Bill Monroe… oh, and The Devil Makes Three! If you’re a more modern bluegrass listener, listen to The Devil Makes Three. And The Screaming Cucumbers, they’re from Wisconsin, from out in Madison, and they do some nice bluegrass.

What’s something you wish more people knew about the library?

That there’s a lot more things here than books. We have movies, we have play-aways – MP3 players loaded with audiobooks.

And what I also want people to know is that reading is not just sitting down with a book. Reading is also listening to an audiobook… and reading is talking with other people about books. So reading is not actually a solitary pursuit.

                                                                   Name: Daniel

Position: Library Clerk

What do you do at the library? Among various duties, I process books, check items in and out, shelf-read, and run Storytime on Friday mornings.

What was your favorite fiction book series? When I was 11 years old, a dear friend of mine showed me a well-used paperback copy of The Return of the King. I was impressed by the picture on the cover (if I recall correctly the cover was adorned by Aragorn). However, for whatever reason I did not put together that he was showing me a book that was part of The Lord of the Rings saga. Shortly afterwards, with encouragement from my sister, I started reading The Fellowship of the Ring. I told my friend about this fantastic new book series I began reading and he laughed, saying that The Return of the King was the final part of The Lord of the Rings! I devoured The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and have been enthralled with Middle Earth ever since (though it took me until 2018 to finally read The Silmarillion – an excellent book, might I add).

Do you have some favorite childhood library memories? One day when my mom took my sister and me to the library, I was adamant that I was going to check the computer catalog system for “Sonic the Hedgehog” books. On the way to the library I had to be reminded how to spell “hedgehog.” Sure enough, once I got to the library, I immediately sat down at a catalog computer and typed in “Sonic the Hedgehog.” No, it did not return any results, but the experience of using the catalog computer was well worth the attempt!
My other favorite memory occurred when I was even younger. I remember watching the Richard Scarry cartoon and hearing the library song – which made me excited to go to my library!

Any hidden features about the library we should know? The Monarch catalog is a powerful tool to request items from other libraries. Your requests are not limited to books. Many, many unique books, magazines, books on CD, MP3 books, movies, TV shows, and video games are available for you to request from Monarch catalog. And don’t forget about Libby – the app for eBooks and audiobooks!

What is your favorite non-fiction book? The Bible…but since that may not count due to the Bible being comprised of multiple books, my next choice is The Problem of Suffering: A Father’s Hope by Rev. Dr. Gregory P Schulz. The genuineness and emotional integrity that Dr. Schulz displays are two of the many reasons why I view this book as the single best treatment on the problem of evil, suffering, and pain in this world.

Is there anything unique about you that you would like to share? My sister, Valerie Locklair, is a published author! She wrote a book entitled Called to Defend: An Apologetics Handbook. It’s a Christian theology book geared towards middle schoolers, but people of all ages have read the book and given positive feedback. Whether or not the topic is of interest to you, it is safe to say that she writes extremely well. Yes, we have a paperback copy available at Lakeview Community Library!