Friends of the Library

How can I contact the Friends of the Library?
  • You can leave a message for them at the circulation desk at the library. The Friends of the Library is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that provides funding for needed materials for the Lakeview Community Library, ranging from books and DVDs, to furniture, to events.
  • The Friends have their regular business meetings at the library four times a year – in February, May, August, and October – on the fourth Monday at 6:30pm. Note: in 2017, the first meeting will be in January instead of February.
What do the Friends do?
  • They lend support, enthusiasm, and ideas to the library! They fundraise for library materials as well as helping out with events, work projects, and other programs. They also support and advocate for the library in the local communities as well as making sure the library is aware of these communities’ needs.
How can I become a Friend?
  • You can find an application form here! Just print it, fill it out, and drop it off at the circulation desk.
How can I help the Friends without becoming a member?
  • You can also donate money to the Friends of the Library. When making a gift to the Friends, your funds may go towards events, large purchases to benefit the library, staff appreciation, and more. Please make checks payable to the Friends of Lakeview Community Library.
In Honor Of The Friends:

Anneliese Finke is the (highly unofficial) Poet Laureate of Monarch Library System. Ms. Finke is on the staff of Lakeview Community Library; she presented a poem at the 2017 luncheon in honor of the Friends and the library. Her new poem delighted us when it came out:

Four Lines for the Friends of the Library

Friends, Romans, librarians, lend me your ears.
I come not to bury Caesar, nor to praise him.
I come instead to praise those kindly hearts
Who wish to share their books with all the world.

After Whitman:

If a child asked, what is a library? what would you answer?
Is it a forest, cut down and bound, books stacked like cordwood to fire the mind?
Is it a cemetery where each stone opens to tell us the stories that outlast us?
Now I remember Whitman – if the pages of the books are leaves of grass, then the library must be a great field,
Open, full of fresh air, a living thing.
Anyone may cross a field, anyone may stop to rest – it refuses neither the workman’s boots nor the child’s sneakers nor the lawyer’s high heels,
Nor those who tramp through in great groups to talk, to play cards, do yoga, learn to paint,
Nor those who wander in, lost, looking for directions or the answer to a question or just a place to be still for a little while,
Nor we gardeners, tending, pruning, striding with such purpose.
We pass through and disappear – yet with our tending – the leaves of grass remain.