Borrowing eBooks

Interested in eBooks? Then you’ll want to browse the Wisconsin Digital Library. You’ll need to sign up for an OverDrive account (or sign in if you already have one). We strongly recommend that you sign up with your email address, not choosing “sign up using library card” or “sign up using Facebook.” Information on signing up for an account can be found here; as you can see, accounts based on a library card have more restrictions than accounts based on an email address.

While it’s not required, you may also find the app OverDrive helpful – especially if you want to read books on a smartphone or tablet. OverDrive hooks into the Wisconsin Digital Library and can help you download and read both eBooks and digital audiobooks. You can find extensive tutorials on how to get started with OverDrive here.

If you’d prefer some in-person help, we’d be happy to! Stop by the library or contact us to make an appointment, and we’ll sit down with you one-on-one and get you and your device – whether it’s a phone, tablet, computer or e-reader – set up and ready to go.

Public Domain eBooks

In addition to borrowing titles through the Wisconsin Digital Library, it’s also possible to download many older books that are in the public domain through Project Gutenberg. Almost all of the titles will be pre-1923 (depending on the country of publication) – which means you can find many classics from Shakespeare’s plays to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories.