Eastern Shores Library System (Old)

The Eastern Shores Library System is no more! All the libraries in the system are now a part of the Monarch Library System, a product of the merger between Eastern Shores and the Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System.

We’ll leave this page up, at least for a little while, in case anyone wants to look back at what the Eastern Shores system used to look like:

Lakeview Community Library was a part of the Eastern Shores Library System. To see a complete list of the libraries in the system, click on the box in the upper left corner of the map above. This map also contains links to library websites as well as their addresses and phone numbers; click on any purple book to open information about that library.

All the libraries in the Eastern Shores system shared materials by van, and library cards worked at any library in the system! You could also return materials to a different library than the one you checked them out from as long as they are both Eastern Shores libraries. Now, all of this – card-sharing, delivery van routes, and shared materials – is true of the entire Monarch Library System.